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NEO Beam Homogenizer

NEO BeamTM Homogenizer

System Description: The NeoBeam™ homogenizer takes the input of a Gaussian laser beam and converts it to a square, collimated, top-hat profile at the output. The device produces very steep edges in the top-hat profile and with < ±10% spatial uniformity. In addition, there is minimal modulation in the profile (interference effects caused by high spatial coherence in the input beam) due to the novel way the beam is broken up and recombined.

The NeoBeam collimated beam homogenizer is less susceptible to beam variations then in alternate free-form phase shifting devices and has the added advantage of producing a square profile which is more efficient in scribing applications over round beams. Alignment is simple and easy to maintain.


NEO BeamTM Homogenizer Features



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