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NeoScan Inverse Taper Module

NeoScanTM Inverse Taper Module

Inverse taper in the NeoScan™ Scanner† is achieved by rotating a tilted parallel plate about the optical axis while the scanner is operating. Ordinarily, a laser beam is passed through the central region of the focusing lens. The intensities at the focus are so high that the resulting hole drilled either has a small, positive taper or no taper but a bell-mouthed entrance. If the laser beam is shifted off axis, but parallel to the axis, the laser beam enters the material at a larger angle. It is this larger angle that achieves the inverse taper. By adjusting the tilt of the beam offset plate, different degrees of inverse taper can be realized.


NeoScanTM Inverse Taper Module Features

NeoScan Inverse Taper Module



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