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Tabletop BWA-CAM®

Beam Waist Analyzer Camera (BWA-CAM®)
Table Top Configuration

Many applications require the use of external accessories to suit the customers’ specific application. The “modular” design of the BWA system allows almost unlimited options so the customer doesn’t have to settle for “one size fits all”.


The “Table Top” configuration shown above includes attenuation, focusing optics and mechanics to align and calibrate the system. Please contact Haas Laser Technologies to discuss a system to suit your specific requirements.

The Beam Waist Analyzer Camera (BWA-CAM) Table Top configuration enables “real-time” laser beam measurement with “no moveable parts” for analysis and monitoring of high power CW and pulsed lasers. The above Table Top modular configuration includes the following:


The Haas LTI Beam Waist Analyzer Camera (BWA-CAM) system provides ISO 11146 and ISO 13694 measurements to measure the “real-time” laser beam spatial metrics such as:

-       M2 and BPP values

-       Beam Waist size and location

-       Spatial profile

-       Focus shift

-       Divergence

-       Circularity

-       Rayleigh Length

-       Astigmatism

-       Centroid

The Haas Laser Beam Analyzer System design contains no “moving components” and provides instantaneous measurements and analysis of the laser beam and all active optical elements. While other “real time” systems show a simulated outside “shell” of the beam, our patented design provides both 2-D and 3-D profiles of the beam through more than one Rayleigh range.  In our system, you always know what your beam looks like and where it is located.


 Contact Haas Laser Technologies for a configuration to suit your specific requirements.

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