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Dear Customer,

We are pleased to offer one of the largest selections of laser beam delivery components available worldwide. In addition to our continually growing product selection, we now offer a complete line of optical components & accessories.

As we have shown since 1992, we are committed to offering you, our customers, products that define and lead industry standards which conform to our high standards of innovation, reliability, and quality.

At Haas Laser Technologies, our technical support personnel and staff of engineers are always available to support and answer any questions weather it be from engineering design to laser applications. With design and CNC manufacturing all under one roof, you can be assured that our quality is nothing less than top notch.

We look forward to continuing our tradition of providing a comprehensive selection of products along with in-house experts to help you choose the right product for your specific application.


Gilbert J. Haas
President & Founder
Haas Laser Technologies, Inc.

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Aerial Photo of Haas Laser Tech Headquarters

Company Head Quarters 

Haas Laser Technologies, Inc. is a leading innovator in custom laser beam delivery components. Founded by Gilbert Haas in 1992, our mission is to set industry standards for innovation, reliability, and quality. With a 35,000+ square foot facility in Flanders, New Jersey, we offer a vast selection of laser beam delivery components globally. Our vertically integrated team includes experienced engineers, advanced manufacturing, and a state-of-the-art machine shop.

Far East and European distributorships have demonstrated Haas Laser Technologies' commitment to provide and support its products worldwide. It is no wonder that Haas Laser Technologies has emerged as one of the top recognized world leaders in laser beam delivery systems.

Companies Trusting Haas for their Manufacturing Needs

The corporation currently has thousands of its products in continuous operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at installations through out the world at companies such as Chrysler, General Motors, Ford, General Electric, Air France, and Hewlett Packard.

Companies haas laser has worked with

Haas Laser Services

The growing demand for innovative laser solutions are in the forefront of the works at Haas Laser Technologies, Inc.(Haas LTI). Haas LTI is a leading provider of laser beam delivery components and laser beam delivery systems worldwide.

Haas LTI designs and manufactures Laser Beam Benders, Laser Focus Heads, Capacitive Height Sensing, Laser Heads, Laser Beam Delivery Systems, Beam Expanders, Fiber Lasers, Laser Process Heads, Fiber Laser Process Heads, and more.


Research & Design

You can tell a great deal about a company by the way it identifies and meets challenges in today's rapidly evolving marketplace. Haas LTI strives to push the limits providing technology-breaking, state-of-the-art advances to current methodologies in component design and integration.

Haas LTI's team of highly trained, experienced engineers focuses not only on creating innovative new design solutions for our customers, we dedicate our efforts to improving and expanding industry standards.

At Haas Laser Technologies, we pride ourselves in accepting complex laser system challenges. We welcome the opportunity to provide you the right solution for your industry specific requirements.


Haas research and design meeting


Engineering for specialized laser applications requires creative thinking and solid engineering fundamentals to find the right solution. Haas Laser Technologies works directly with our customers on every project to ensure the design solutions we create are exactly what you need.

Haas LTI's team consists of electrical, mechanical, and optical engineers with the experience, disciplines and know-how to provide innovative products that support your business goals.

Haas engineering team drawing


Haas LTI's success in the marketplace has been driven by the company's ability to manufacture customized products to satisfy the individual requirements of each customer.

The manufacturing group of Haas Laser Technologies is second to none. We remain on the leading edge of technology by constantly updating and expanding our state-of-the-art facility in the United States.

Haas manufacturing


Haas Laser Technologies speeds up production with paperless, customer-provided CAD files. Our advanced CAD-CAM programs allow for virtual 3D machining and testing before actual manufacturing. We specialize in producing everything from machined components to welded structures and electronic assemblies. Contact a Haas Laser Technology sales rep to discuss your needs.

Haas manufacturing assembling

Product Support

In a competitive world market, customers choose Haas Laser Technologies with confidence, because of our expertise in the field, high quality products, excellent customer service and technical support. When choosing Haas LTI, you have the expertise of the entire engineering staff at your fingertips for service and technical support.

The strong, long-lasting customer relationships at Haas Laser Technologies bear witness to our customer-focused orientation.

At Haas Laser Technologies, worldwide service and support are only a phone call away.

Haas product support

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