Laser Beam Delivery Components

Haas Laser Technologies, Inc. specializes in custom-built high precision laser systems manufacturing one of the largest selections of laser beam delivery components available worldwide. The entire Haas product line is designed to be modular so custom configurations can be achieved for all wavelengths using standard laser components.

Industrial laser applications can be divided into multiple categories depending on the power of the laser, material processing and micro-material processing. Industrial applications include(but are not limited to): cutting, welding, drilling, marking, cladding and laser hardening.

Fiber & Fiber Delivered Lasers

Fiber & Fiber Delivered Lasers

Fiber-optic laser beam delivery is commonly used in industrial laser systems. Applications for fiber lasers include material processing, telecommunications, spectroscopy, and medicine.

| 12mm Series | 25mm/30mm Series | 500-10kW | 50mm Series | 50mm Series Old |


The standard laser components are grouped by clear aperture (CA) for easy reference. If you need any assistance determining the CA or laser beam components needed for your specific application or laser system design, the team of engineers at Haas Laser Technologies is always available to help you - call today (973) 598-1150.


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