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25mm Laser Beam Enhancement Components

Laser Beam Quality Enhancement System

Laser Beam Quality Enhancement System : BQE-25

Our Beam Quality Enhancement System is designed to prevent back reflections from the laser process from re-entering the laser cavity. The system preserves the laser's intra-cavity conditions, mode quality, and power stability. In addition, the laser beam is converted from a linearly polarized beam to a circularly polarized beam.

Haas part number BQE-25-10.6 shown above. Download technical drawings for each stock part number on the right. Download free Adobe PDF reader and SolidWorks Viewer on the left.


BQE-25 Specifications


Laser Beam Quality Enhancement System (BQE)
Part Numbering Anatomy

BQE-25 dash Laser Beam Delivery Component Part # dash Laser Beam Delivery Component Part #
    arrow   arrow
10.6 : 10.6 μm
9.4 : 9.4 μm
Input Flange
CFB : Coherent J-1000 (Fusion) Bezel
CJB : Coherent J-Series Bezel
H : Haas
SYN : Synrad Mount
SYN45 : Synrad Mount Diagonal
- : No Bezel or Flanges


Below is a list of Replacement Optics.
Please call (973) 598-1150 for pricing and availability.
Haas Part Number Diameter Description
OCM-51050-045-SI-EG-10.6 2.0" CO2 Mirror for 10.6µm (2 req.)
OCK-51095-045-CU-10.6 2.0" CO2 Isolator ATFR for 10.6µm
OCZ-51050-P90-SI-EG-10.6 2.0" CO2 Phase Retarder for 10.6µm
OCM-51060-045-SI-SC-9.4 2.0" CO2 Mirror for 9.4µm (2 req.)
OCK-51095-045-CU-SC9.4 2.0" CO2 Isolator AFTR for 9.4µm
OCZ-51050-P45-SI-SC9.4 2.0" CO2 Phase Retarder for 9.4µm


Additional options available upon request

We would be happy to discuss a custom designed solution that's right for any project, large or small. For additional information, contact a Haas Laser Technology sales representative today. (973) 598-1150


** Specifications subject to change without notice. Consult a Haas Laser Tech engineer for the latest specification changes or any additional assistance. **


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