Dual Compartment Custom Laser Processing System

Dual Compartment Custom Laser Processing System


Dual Compartment Custom Laser Processing System

The custom two-compartment enclosure design incorporates welded steel construction. The top compartment contains a 4" thick optical breadboard for mounting all of the optical components and the laser head. The optical delivery is very flexible and utilizes standard optical table components. The bottom compartment contains the motion system and focusing optical components for laser processing. The sealed light-tight design with removable interlocked covers, panels and doors provide easy and safe access. Internal lighting and laser safety window for visual inspection during the laser process are included with the ergonomic design. .Complies with CDRH requirements as a Class 1 enclosure. The enclosure contains the complete laser head, laser beam delivery and motion system.


The laser including the laser head, power supply, laser control, and chiller are integrated into the system. The laser and wavelength are pre-determined dependent upon the application. Capacitive height sensing, CCD cameras, galvos, trepan heads and beam shuttles are some of the available options.


The motion system including the CNC, X, Y, Z, A & B axis motion, motors and drives, cabling, mounting cabinet and required accessories are integrated into the system. The specific application will predetermine the motion system required.


Any standard or custom tooling required are available options


All design and engineering of custom systems are performed in-house by the staff of engineers at Haas Laser Technologies, Inc. in conjunction with the customer. The customer will approve the final design before being manufactured to ensure system compatibility.


Additional options available upon request

We would be happy to discuss a custom designed solution that's right for any project, large or small. For additional information, contact a Haas Laser Technology sales representative today. (973) 598-1150


** Specifications subject to change without notice. Consult a Haas Laser Tech engineer for the latest specification changes or any additional assistance. **


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