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BA-CAM® (BeamMapper)

Product Overview

The Haas LTI BeamMapper is a patent pending technology that allows the user to determine how the laser is focusing within the scan field of the galvo system with a compact attenuation system and innovative beam dumping.  With our newly redesigned BWA-PRO™ 2.0 software, no matter what your laser application is, BeamMapper will help document the performance of your laser galvo system.

Available in the following wavelengths

350 - 1200nm
9.3 - 10.6um

Contact a sales engineer for custom wavelength configurations or an RQF

The BeamMapper is modular in design and can be configured for most applications and laser wavelengths.  Most galvo scanner lenses are not telecentric, so the spot seen at fields beyond the center will be elliptical or have aberrations from a poorly designed lens system. The BeamMapper will help you determine how well the scanner is working at all locations of the scan field.

Powers of more than 1 kilowatt can be measured with a suitable beam dump attached.  Configurations available for powers up to 30 kilowatts and fiber core sizes from single mode to any multimode size are available.

BWA-PRO Software included

BWA-PRO control software included with lifetime access for this product.

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