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BWA-CAM Post-Focus Input

Beam Waist Analyzer Camera BWA-CAM 20/20TM

The Beam Waist Analyzer Camera BWA-CAM 20/20 laser beam analyzer system and software enables “real-time” laser beam measurement, analysis and monitoring of high power CW and pulsed lasers.BWA CAM Laser Beam Analyzer system The system complies with the international standards ISO 11146-1 (2005) and ISO 13694 which relate to lasers and laser related equipment and laser beam spatial metrics.

The BWA-CAM 20/20 (patent pending) is the world's first, easy to use, ISO compliant, real-time M2 measurement system. Measuring the M2 of a laser with this system is as easy as measuring power from a laser.  The user simply centers the system to the laser beam; make it more or less perpendicular to the beam;  enter a few basic values: laser wavelength, effective focal length of the lens being used and the distance from the lens to the front of the BWA-CAM 20/20 and the measurement is ready.  The same sort of steps taken to measure laser power.  No further alignment or adjustments needed.  The measurement is made in a fraction of a second for a single pulse if it is a pulsed laser.

In every laser application, the laser beam profile provides valuable information for the most efficient use of the laser. By monitoring the laser beams spatial profile, circularity, centroid, astigmatism and M2 values, you have early warning of any problems with the laser and entire beam delivery optical system. This relates to increased quality, process reliability, and reduced scrap.

The Laser Beam Analyzer system is modular in design and can be configured for most applications and laser wavelengths. The design contains no “moving components” and provides instantaneous measurements and analysis of the laser beam and all active optical elements.

The smallest spot is located about midway in the series of spots (see image to the left). Once the multiple spots, each one a spatial crossection along the beam waist, are nearly horizontal, the software automatically tracks and sizes the ROIs for accurate M2 measurement.

Laser beam waist m2 measurementThe Beam Waist Analyzer Camera (BWA-CAM) can measure the laser beam waist metrics for any focal length of >100mm or more without a focus adapter. Lens systems with focal lengths <100mm will require an optional focal length adapter which mounts into the entrance port of the BWA-CAM or optionally use the short body BWA-CAM.


Beam Waist Analyzer Camera (BWA-CAM 20/20) Features


Beam Waist Analyzer Camera (BWA-CAM 20/20) Specifications

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